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The National Council of Education, Bengal

The closing decade of the 19th century in Bengal witnessed a large transformation in national education pioneered by the intellectual and social leaders of India.

During this period the National Council of Education (NCE) played a major role in transforming the minds and characters of the youths of Bengal by drafting a comprehensive national policy on education.

The main objectives of National Council of Education, Bengal are:

  • To impart education – literary, scientific and technical on national lines and exclusively under national control, not in opposition to, but standing apart from the existing system of officially controlled education at all levels with a view to inspire students with a genuine love for and a real desire to serve the country.
  • To promote moral and physical education.
  • To promote education through the medium of the mother tongue of the students.

To maintain high standards, educational, intellectual and moral, amongst the teachers and arrange suitable training for the purpose.

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