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Examination and Assessment Procedures

Students are required to attend classes regularly on all the six working days of the week. As per University norms, students are required to attend at least 75% lectures including tutorials. Shortfall in attendance is liable to debar a student from appearing at the University Examination. Examinations will be held twice in an academic year.


The evalution of a student in each examination paper will be based on marks distributed as follows :
A) University semester examination (written) 70%
B) Continuous internal evaluation (class test, quiz test / seminar ) 20%
C) Class attendance 5%
D) Seminar attendance 5%
E) Pass marks will be 50% in each paper. Other examination rules would be as decided by Jadavpur University.

Percentage of Attendance

Percentage of Attendance Marks
95-100 5
90-94 4
85-89 3
80-84 2
75-79 1
Below 75 0
  • Marks of Seminar Attendance will be done proportionally .


Grades Marks
S 90% and above
A 80% to less than 90%
B 70% to less than 80%
C 60% to less than 70%
D 50% to less than 60%
X Below 50% (i.e failed)
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